You will be booking your lessons from here, simply select your lesson type, date and time preferences, and then choose your tutor if using your mobile phone.

Working hours are set from 6am to 5pm Berlin, Germany time. I do two lessons a day, that ensures that I give quality time to my students. So please when you book a lesson look to see if there are time slots left, if there are already two lessons booked in that day, then there will be no more lessons.
I give such a wide time scale for the day so that we can work at a time that suits you the student, more then me, and to recognise the time differences between where you are and where I am.

Using the booking form, fill out your name, email address, set your password, a strong one please.

Don’t leave the screen until you see that your appointment request has been sent, it doesn’t take long.

We will be in contact with you very soon to the email address you submitted.
You will be given a confirmation email, followed up by one with your preferences plus a Zoom link and it’s password, once your lesson has been approved.
Normally this takes a few hours depending on the times of day if it’s your first lesson and reciept of payment for all lessons thereafter. A Zoom membership will be created for you on approval. Zoom will send a membership link in their email to which you should add a strong password.